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Who can be called Madre Fenix?

A woman who has been chosen for a special maternity accompanying her baby in his return to eternity, in his or her birth to heaven. From the womb or born, this master being has given her the mission to be happy and full , to be as the phoenix bird which reborns from the ashes to a new life.

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Why celebrating your wings?

When life has granted you with special beings who are born to heaven from your womb, shortly after birth or who have been diagnosed with a special condition, this means you have been chosen for a unique and wonderful maternity. This extraordinary and beloved being you call son or daughter, who chose for who you are before coming to earth, has placed you beautiful wings as a distinction of your power, your strenght and you inconditional love for his or her life. Maybe you were not aware of this fact because you don’t usually look, appreciate and value yourself in this dimension of Madre Fénix. It is time to spread your wings and discover the treasures, blessings and missions that your baby brought along for you, whether he or she is with you in this plane or in eternity. Celebrate your wings! You have been chosen to be an eternal mother, this means there is no expiration. It is a privilege and real honor being a part of this comunity of brave women who know love in its many forms and dimensions.

Dear Fénix

I will briefly tell you my story.


I am from Mexico and mother to three children who exist in eternity and live in my heart. Each one of them taught me unforgettable teachings and also tough lessons in which I reflect while sighing. As many of you my desire of raising a family was so strong that it turned into an obsession, I was tortured by the idea of leaving this world without living maternity. Didn’t being a mom was the only thing that mattered?

My first pregnancy arrived with the innocence and hope of who feels for the very first time a new life growing inside the body. Everything was new: morning sickness, ultrasounds, plans, cravings, congratulations messages. This dream will fall apart when at week 12 a miscarriage took my first son, a boy. You know exactly how I felt.

Overcoming fear with great effort and thinking it was very unlikely it will happen again, I got pregnant with a girl who died in my belly at 20 weeks pregnant due to placenta previa which cost me blood transfusions during the cesarean section. These experiences soon became an inexhaustible source of suffering, fear, deception and uncertainty but after hours of therapy and over time I decided to try it again.

My third pregnancy was an actual gift without the physical discomforts and a completely normal evolution. In contrast to my previous experience, it wasn’t a high-risk pregnancy that demand bedrest which gave me the opportunity to continue with my normal activities. What was different is that at 20 weeks pregnant during an ultrasound they diagnosed my daughter with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a very rare heart disease that took her life at 6 months old.

It is not a drama, it is life and I am eternally grateful for every experience because I am a blissful complete mother with the mission of sharing this message of love with all of you Madres Fenix who are being born to a new life where we honor our children by being completely free and happy.

Smile! 🙂

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